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Washington State Filmmakers -  Film Spotlight

Featured trailers by filmmakers all over Washington State who have made these films or worked on feature films that were set in Washington State!  

Written by Brady Hall and Ed Dougherty
Directed by Brady Hall

Written by Megan Griffiths and Richard B. Phillips
Director Megan Griffiths


Written by Ladora Sella
Director L Gabriel Gonda  

Brightwood trailer from Lautaro Gabriel Gonda on Vimeo.

Red Tide
Written by Chris Donaldson and Brian Young
Directed by Brian Young

Your Sister's Sister
Written by Lynn Shelton
Director Lynn Shelton


Knights of Badassdom
Written by Kevin Dreyfuss and Matt Wall
Director Joe Lynch

Where  I Am Calling From
Directed by Riley Gibson

Written & Directed by Ben Pohl


Safety Not Guaranteed
Written by Derek Connelly
Director Colin Trevorrow


Fat Kids Rule The World
Written by Michael M.B. Galvin and Peter Speakman
Director Matthew Lillard


Breaking - Director's Cut
Written & Directed by Gary Voelker

Rogue Saints
Director Adam Lubanski 


Directed by Garrett Bennett

Star Leaf
Written by Richard Cranor and Hugh Berry
Directed by Richard Cranor


The House I Keep
Writer Jhene Erwin
Director Jennifer Little


A Perfect Life
Written & Directed: Chad Ruin


The Whole Truth
Written & Directed by Colleen Patrick


Director James Allen Smith

Written by Todd Downing
Directed by Tony Tibbetts

Heart Breaks Open
Directed by Billie Rain


The Mountain Runners
Director Todd Warger and Brian Young