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This site is designed for Washington State filmmakers.

Seattle Area Filmmakers. It's been around since fall of 2008 as a small college group of friends to having weekly meetings, to a website free for all filmmakers to use and finally, and a change with the page to group on Facebook. Seattle Area Filmmakers® (SAF) group was founded by me, Gina Lockhart, an independent filmmaker from the Seattle area.

The reason why SAF was created to have one main place where all of Washington State filmmakers could go (ego free zone) to for networking, collaboration and learning from others as a community. I always had the vision that it could be a place where an outside production company could view all of us and see what a talented bunch we are.

SAF is a place that we respect others work, ideas and will always give credit where it's due.

The group's belief is that of: respecting each others talents, ideas, and work. We will give credit where it's due and bond - we're a team of individuals.

It is for the community, by the community.



The group used to have bi-monthly meetings for crew members (producers, directors, writers, DP's, Composers, etc). Many people have collaborated with others on various film features, shorts, commercials and even film contests. While it started well with newness and lots of people showing up, due to low/no attendance the last time in 2013, meetings have been been put on hold indefinitely.

Times changed and people no longer attended meetings and events. Times change with some quitting film while others move to L.A. and other parts of the World for film. It's very nice to see a new (and more) generation of all ages coming about and giving it everything they have for their dreams to come true. New groups come and go with time. Seattle Area Filmmakers will always be here for the community. This is a good thing.



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